Weird & Awesome Metal Detector Finds

What’s hiding under your feet when you’re on the beach? Many folks have wondered and worked towards that idea in the hopes of striking it rich. Be it trash or treasure though there’s sure a lot of different kinds of metallic objects you can find right where the waves meet the shore. Today’s blog comes from one of our favorite commercial real estate agents, Frank Nurley, who is also a metal detector hobbyist. Warning reading today’s list though : it’ll have you searching for hidden treasure in no time. Enjoy! 

Many men and women have felt the call to search for hidden treasure. Detecting on land or near the ocean on the coast has become a hobby for many, including your author. I enjoy the slow pace of a good thoughtful walk and love surprises so it fit my lifestyle perfectly. Hobbyist detectors are different from professional detectors who are highly equipped with the newest techniques and devices. The interesting part though is that most “big finds” are the result of hobbyist detectors stumbling upon the item or items with basic technology. Let’s look from today to the past some interesting finds:

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Weird & Washed Up On Shore

Here’s a fun fact : most of the population of this floating dirt ball exists right here in the Northern hemisphere of said earthy globe. What that translates to succinctly is that soon Spring will turn to Summer and more than likely we’ll be heading to the beach. Now while you’re out there in the sun and fun keep an eye out for odd looking wash ups like the ones in this list.

The Pacific Ocean is no stranger to the ills of spills : hundreds of accidental container spills happen annually. The main reason behind these losses of cargo is the traffic of commercial goods between the West and Asia. From one side of this fact you can easily see that this is a pollution problem. When you think of it a different way, especially when it comes to this item on our list, it’s a great way to get free stuff. Like a damaged fly swatter.

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